Donor Recognition

The Dauphin & District Foundation acknowledges all gifts, large and small.

The names of those who contribute to the Endowment Fund will be recorded in our permanent records. 

As well, those names will be publicized in the newspaper in the year they are received. 

The names of donors who have helped build the Endowment Fund since its beginning in 1997 have been and will continue to be listed in the Annual Reports of the Foundation.

Some people may wish to donate anonymously. We will respect their requests. 

Those donors who have made contributions to create a Named Fund will be acknowledged individually in the year the contribution is received and the contribution will be acknowledged in the Annual Reports if the Foundation every year in perpetuity. In situations where additional funds are contributed to an existing fund, the additional funding and the new total will be noted in the various publications. Because the Foundation does provide for numerous ways for contributions to be made, we are open to considering various alternatives for recognition, which may be of interest to the donor.

If the donor agrees, contributions to the Endowment Fund may be publicized from time to time in the local media. This publicity is beneficial to the Foundation.  

The Dauphin & District Community Foundation intends to arrange meetings and social gatherings for its donors and supporters.  

As a non-political, non-government organization, which manages and administers its operation within the mandate of its Act of Incorporation by the Manitoba Legislature in 1995, the Foundation is the only funding agency that addresses all areas of the charitable sector. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, who serve without remuneration and who are dedicated to the preservation and quality of life in the City of Dauphin and the Rural Municipality of Dauphin. It's focus is the creation and management of permanent endowment funds, and it allows donors the opportunity of sharing in the decision of how their gifts are to be used.  

The Dauphin & District Community Foundation embodies a simple concept: people working together can make a difference. It encompasses many features which provide contributors with peace of mind and assurance that their charitable donations will serve as a long term investment in the quality of life. Our objective is to encourage the increased flow of resources to community need; to create and manage permanent endowment funds to meet those needs; and to respond to emerging needs that come with changing times - in short, to help improve the quality of life for all residents of our area.

The Foundation serves donor with varied interests at various levels of charitable giving. It acts as a link between those donors and the charitable agencies that can most effectively and efficiently carry out the objectives and desire they have for their funds. The Foundation offers maximum flexibility in terms of assets that can be used to create a fund, options for the use of donors' gifts, and benefits to donors. These benefits include involvement in the granting process and a lasting legacy in their name.



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