How you can discover the Joy of Giving

We all know it's better to give than to receive, and this is certainly true of any donation to the Dauphin and District Community Foundation, because the gift continues to support our community, year after year. 

Whether the gift is to an existing fund or to establish a named fund, there are many ways to make a donation:  

  • A gift of cash. 
  • A gift of securities. This offers considerable advantage to the donor, as a gift to charity of appreciated securities is only taxed on 37.5% of the capital gain. 
  • A gift of a bequest through a will, or in a codicil to an existing will, naming the  Foundation as a beneficiary of a specific amount or portion, or the residue of an estate. 
  • A gift of a life insurance policy or paid-up life insurance policy to the Foundation is an  ideal way for a donor to make a substantial gift at relatively low cost. 
  • An In Memoriam donation is one of the most heartfelt gifts, as it ensures the name of a  friend or relative will live on in the community as a permanent legacy.
  • A donor can also arrange for the transfer of an existing private foundation or charitable trust to the Dauphin & District Community Foundation. 

By establishing a fund, a business or corporation sends a message to the community about its sense of obligation and vision and encourages a culture of generosity among employees. 

To discuss the establishment of your own fund, or to obtain more information about the Dauphin & District Community Foundation, please contact us.


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